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Demir Gjokai

CEO, Lifehack Bootcamp

"If you're considering Mike as a coach, here's what I would tell you:  It's not just about Mike.  Sure his coaching is AMAZING.  But he also helps you bring out your own best thinking, AND he brings the experience of and advice from ALL the people and businesses he's coached over the years (and boy, that's a LOT of people).

Feel free to look me up online and reach out to me for a reference if you need one - I'm happy to give it!


Owner Aiko Spa

"It has been 4 months and this has been the best decision I have ever made.  

While I thought I was signing up for a business coach, it turned out that life coaching is part of the deal and he has also given me tools to navigate the ups and downs of everyday life! My personal relationships are improving and I'm a happier and more confident individual. BONUS!!!! 

I now have have the tools and mindset to manage both business and life challenges with less stress and anxiety.
I am so glad I took that leap and hired Mike. When booked my first client after rebranding it was a huge job! I am confident I am well on my way to creating the exact life I want! 

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you everything is fine. Mike is not for you. He is a no nonsense BAD ASS that'll teach you how to get things done and if you follow his advice in time you'll be one too!"

Chris C.
Mortgage Broker

My production and my motivation had fallen into a slump and I was wondering how I could get back on track.  
And there he was!    I've never worked with a coach before so I didn't know what to expect.  I was nervous about the cost but I also knew that I had to do SOMETHING if i was ever going to  move past this point.  


After our first 2 coaching sessions I realized I had found someone who can both motivate and support my efforts at increasing my production and reach my goals. 
So now my production is UP and I'm excited about the renewed focus and motivation I feel.
I strongly recommend Mike to any loan officer or Real Estate agent looking to move to their production to a higher level.  It's definitely worth it!!

Loren West



It has been a pleasure to work with Mike as my business coach. His holistic, intuitive and flexible approach has supported me to realize key gaps, increase my focus, develop a disciplined business strategy that supports my lifestyle and identify limited thinking I needed to change in order to achieve my desired professional and personal goals. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is serious and ready to create professional or personal change in their lives.

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