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Strategize. Organize. Optimize.

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About Mike

An experienced Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach, 

Mike has trained companies, executives and entreprenuers in the U.S., Tokyo, Indonesia, Africa and Brazil.​​​​​​​​


Mike started his first business in Tokyo at the age of 23, his next business in Thailand a few years later and his third and fourth companies upon returning to the U.S.​​​​


As a Business Coach and Executive Mentor  Mike has worked with small business owners who are starting a business for the first time and CEOs of nationwide companies with hundreds of employees.


As a Business Consultant Mike has actually stepped in to do the work FOR his clients.  A a consultant Mike frees up valuable time for his clients by either supervising a project and the people working on it or doing the work himself.

Coaching & Speaking

Whether you are a large

company, a startup or a one person shop Mike is

here to help.  He offers an array of services such as:


  • CEO/Entreprenuer Business Coaching

  • NLP based Life Balance Coaching

  • Motivational Keynote Speaking


When working with Mike you will be working with someone who is more than just an Executive Coach and Business Mentor.  You will be working with someone who has started built and sold multiple businesses both overseas and in the U.S.


That means you are being coached and mentored by someone who knows what you are going through because he has been there himself!


Small business or large, startups and established companies, entreprenuers  and executives --- Mike has spent 15 years coaching them all and he is here to help you!

Let Mike help you create the business you deserve!




U.S./Canada: 800-890-9245


Australia:  02-8880-0368

Consulting & Training

As a Business Consultant Mike helps you take a deep look at your business and 

actually steps in to do the work for you! That frees you up to work on other aspects of your business.  


Mike can even take over and supervise projects for you, or help you hire the right people and supervise them.


Categories of business consulting include but are not limited to:


  • Creating  Business Plans  that are actual ACTION plans so that you and everyone at your company knows what needs to be done, when it   needs to be completedand exactly who will be responsible for it.


  • Marketing Consuting that incluedes Strategy Analysis and Improvement.



  • Creating and implementing

        marketing campaigns

        (both online and offline).



  • Training sales staff or other departments.



  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures & Systems so your company gets more done with less effort.


  • Running your social media campaigns.


  • Internet Consulting  including: Designing websites, landing pages, internet sales funnels, internet lead generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  • And More

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