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Your guide to getting hired for a great paying job you'll love!

  • Finding the right career for you:  How to find work that both pays well and is fulfilling.


  • Finding great jobs:  Discover the secret to finding great jobs even ones not offered through traditional channels!


  • Resume review and revision:  Even if you have a professionally written resume there are often ways to tweak it to make it far more powerful.


  • Power Networking techniques: Expand the size of your personal network and get people who work where you want to work for to introduce you to their boss!


  • Job Interview Training:  You will walk into your interview confident and ready to impress.


  • Best practices for negotiation:  Don't cheat yourself by negotiationg badly!  Make sure you get all the money and benefits you deserve.  


  • And much more!

Mike will help you with:

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