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Your guide to changing careers & finding the right career for you!

Mike can help you with:

  • Skills tranferrence:  We'll take an inventory of your personal and professional skills and see how they apply to other professions.


  • Aligning your work with your life:  We'll take a "values, lifestyle and outcomes inventory"  to make sure your new job is truly right for you!


  • Job research:  I will show you how to find great jobs and even careers that you didn't know existed!


  • Resume Revision: New career paths need new resumes.  We'll design one tailored to your new direction.


  • Being ready to answer the tough questions:  "Why should we hire you instead of someone with more experience?"  Don't worry you'll be ready for that one....


  • And much more!

 MIke's  "5 steps to growing your business fast"  workshop

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