CEO & Business Coaching



Mike Mataraza is not simply a business coach, he has personally built and sold

4 companies in 3 countries (His first in Tokyo, his second in Bangkok and his

third  and fourth in the U.S.)


Mike has been a part of board, sales, marketing and manager's meetings. His experience has given him intimate knowledge of all phases of a company's life cycle from the idea and planning phase to raising capital and building a team,​ creating a solid company, designing and implementing a marketing strategy and finally getting the company ready to sell.


Sales Training 



Mike mataraza, author of 7 Secrets to Selling Like a Champion!, is someone who truly walks his talk!  


When working with Mike the focus won't simply be to get your sales in order and increase your company's revenue but to go beyond that and create a sales culture where your team feels enthusiastic, ready for a challenge and excited to exceed their goals.​ ​

Business Consulting


Want to hire a professional to take a project or projects off your hands so that you don't have to think about it?   As a consultant Mike helps you take a deep look at your business and actually steps in to do the work for you! That frees you up to work on other aspects of your business.


If you're thinking "Can I just get this off my plate an onto someone else's?"; are looking for someone you can trust to take over projects for you;  are tired of having to hire and supervise multiple contractors and just want the work done FOR you...then consulting may be right for you!

Keynote Speaking   



Mike ​has spoken in the U.S., Tokyo, Indonesia, and Brazil.  


He has worked with Brian Tracy ​and Anthony Robbins as a speaker and coach speaking to over 250 companies a year throughout the North America.  Mike will focus his talent and experience on YOUR event to ​make sure your team has an experience they'll never forget!​


Custom talks & trainings can  be created as needed.​

NLP Life Balance Coaching



Life balance coaching can be a coaching program all on it's own or we can integrate it and make it a part of your business coaching.


We'll start by identifying all your obvious and hidden stressors and come up with solutions and new ways of dealing with them that will empower you instead of draining you.  After that we will create a daily routine for letting go of stress,

relaxing and creating happiness.  


You only get one life.  Make sure you don't let it pass you by.