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What if you could double your sales without meeting with more clients or spending any more money on marketing and advertising?

Which of these applies to you?


  • I run a sales team and I want them to be more motivated and productive.


  • I'm an individual salesperson who wants to get more return from the time and energy I am investing in my business.


  • Sales aren't bad but I know there is money being left on the table.  I need some new

       strategies so I can get better results.


  • We are "buring through" a lot of leads.  We should have a higher closing ration than we do.


  • I need better tracking and follow up systems so my sales cycle runs more smoothly.


  • I would like to double my sales revenue without spending any more on marketing.


Whether you are an individual salesperson who wants coaching or the leader of an organization that needs team coaching let Mike help you create the sales you deserve!​​​


Mike is someone who truly walks his talk!  As a salesperson Mike has generated millions of dollars in sales for the Mariott Hotels Intl. rising to the Top 10 Club in his first month of working there.  He then went on to Robbins Research International (an Anthony Robbins Company).  


Within his first year wth Anthony Robbins Mike had broken sales and revenue records and was promoted to Tony's in-house trainer.  As head trainer it was his job to help the other salespeople in Tony's organization hit and exceed the same numbers Mike had.   


After working with Anthony Robbins Mike became a national sales trainer for the Brian Tracy Organization where he spoke to and trained over 150 companies a year throughout North America.



Under the Coach With Mike banner Mike has now created his own sales systems such as:


  • 7 Secrets to Selling Like a Champion:  A program that focuses on sales psychology, time management and highly effective techniques for prospecting, referrals, overcoming objections and closing.


  • No Pressure Persuasion  An advanced program that focuses on reading your client's personality type and adjusting the way one sells accordingly.   


When working with Mike the focus won't simply be to get your sales in order and increase your company's revenue but to go beyond that and create a sales culture  where your team feels enthusiastic, ready for a challenge and excited to exceed their goals.​ ​

"Mike helped us make powerful changes in all aspects of our sales process from prospecting and marketing to presenting and selling to follow up.  After just a couple of months the results were already showing.  Sales were up by 30% over the same period last year and the confidence and enthusiasm of our sales force was sky high!"

       ---Jason Williams, Dallas Tx   

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Know your clients better than they know themselves!


The key to selling is understanding...

Just last month I was on the phone with a new client and I asked him, "When you begin your presentation how do you decide what aspects of your product and benefits to emphasize to your client?"  His answer was one I have heard many times over my sales coaching career, "Well I just tell them what I like about the product and think they will appreciate."


Well that strategy will certainly work great when he is talking to a client who happens to be just like him.  but what about the rest of the time?  Most salespeople sell to a client the way THEY (the salespersn that is) would want to be sold to not the way the CLIENT needs to be sold to.


I taught him to do a subtle but effective "client intake" in the first five minutes of meeting with any new client by asking such questions as "The last time you bought what did you like about the process and what, if anything was frustrating?"  Within 5 minutes he was able to know exactly what his client's hot buttons were and tailor his presentation accordingly.  He has now increased his closing ration from 1 new client for every 10 people he meets with to 4 in 10!

Master the skills of Influence...


Become a master influencer and watch as clients say "yes" faster and with far fewer objections.

When I teach a client or a company the powerful influence techniques from my program "No Pressure Persuasion""  the one thing they are most surprised by is that, once they start implementing what they've learned they never really have to "close" a client in the traditional sense again.  They find that the client will start asking buying questions about 3/4 of the way through the process.  The client will buy and think it was THEIR idea to make the purchase,  they won't feel "sold" at all.


Why is that?  Every human being on earth has a "decision making pattern", a process that they go through mentally and emotionally whenever they make a siginificant decison.  In my No Pressure Persuasion program I show clients how to analyze their client's personalities and decision making pattern --- They are trained to observe their prospect and determine whether they are more of a visual, auditory or feeeling oriented learner, whether they care more about gaining pleasure or avoiding problems, where they fall on the D.I.S.C. personality profile and a couple of other key indicators.  (While this may sound complex it is actually very easy to learn and can be mastered in a short time.)  

The power behind the process is simply this:  When you sell to a client in a way that aligns with how they already make decisions naturally then the sales process becomes invisible to them!  The prospect simply thinks that what you said made sense and that it was their own decision to buy.  Clients that don't feel pressured or sold tend to buy faster and thank you for it.  They also feel great about giving you referrals because they themselves enjoyed dealing with you so they assume their contacts will too!


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