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Mike Mataraza guarantees your next event will be unforgettable!

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"I book speakers all the time and it is not often that I am completely blown away by a speaker the way I was with Mike.  


When Mike finished we all wanted him to keep going for the rest of the day!"


Check out Mike's speaking topics on this page for a list of his most powerful keynotes and workshops.


  • Are you an Event Planner needing a dynamic speaker for an event?​​

  • A corporation wanting to inspire your team with a powerful message?

  • Need a speaker who can create custom content for your company?​


If you answered yes to any of the above you're in the right place!​​​​

Internationally renowned speaker Mike Mataraza has been inspiring audiences and coaching teams throughout the world for over a decade.


Mike ​has spoken in the U.S., Tokyo, Indonesia, and Brazil.  He has worked with Brian Tracy ​and Anthony Robbins as a speaker and coach speaking to over 250 companies a year throughout the North America. 

Mike will focus his talent and experience on YOUR event to ​make sure your team has an experience they'll never forget!​


All subjects can be provided as a 1-2 hour keynote or can be adapted to a

half or full day training upon request. In addition to Mike's standard topics, custom talks & trainings can be created as needed.​

How to Destroy Stress and Create Joy in Your Life!


In one of Mike's most powerful and requested programs he answers the question

"How do you have a great life AS you are achieving your goals instead of (like most people) PUTTING OFF your life until after you have achieved them?"​​


Mike examines how the way we live our lives and go about our professions often lowers our level of energy,our focus and our productivity. He then guides your group through an easy to follow, time tested system for living.

Don't Just Dream About It DO It!


What will everyone be talking about at your next event?  Mike guarantees it will be this program.  His team building exercises are designed to give the individuals in your organization a greater vision of what is truly possible for them.


This talk culminates in an intense and inspiring Mastermind Session in which the group will discuss what new heights they can reach both as individuals and as an organization.

From "No" to "Let's Go!" in 5 easy steps...


What would it do for your business if you could close faster, better and easier, because you knew the selling secrets of the top 5% of salespeople in the world?  Find out in this amazing workshop based on Mike's bestselling book!​​


Mike covers topics such as:​


The psychology of selling like a champion; reading a client's personality type and adjusting your presentation to them; prospecting techniques that will have your clients chasing you instead of you having to chase them; strategies for tripling your referrals; how to quickly and easily overcome any objection and more!

Smash the Fear Barrier!


It is interesting that many times people and organizations don't even realize that fear is the thing holding them back; instead fear shows up as avoidance, reluctance, or a lack of motivation.


STFB is one of Mike's most powerful programs because it deals with an age old question--how often do we achieve less than we could because fear is keeping us from taking that next step? Mike will show your team how they can break through and Smash The Fear Barrier forever!

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