Transform your -- Business, Finances, Health and Relationships!

"I hired Mike to just to coach me on my business and got so much more!

First off we absolutely nailed my business goal.  As a direct result of our work together my company's sales went from 400k per month to just over 1.1 million in just over 6 months!  


Second, during my time coaching with Mike I lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, rekindled the romance in my marriage, found quality time with my children and became a far better boss at work.  I'm so glad I found Mike."    ---Richard Kindsman, VP, Bintore, Melbourne

Are you ready to go to the next level in your business or life and you're looking for a breakthrough?

Dear friend,


I hear it a lot.  


People contact me and say:


In Business ---

"Something in my business is not where I want it to be.  I'm not making the money I want,  expanding at the rate I'd like to, something is off but I can't figure out how to fix it."  

In Life ---

"I feel stuck, trapped in bad habits or repeating patterns.  My health, relationships or finances are not what I want them to be.  I'm having difficulties with self esteem.  I'm having trouble letting go of the past or dealing with a traumatic situation."


When I hear this, I always say the same thing and that is...

The games of business and life aren't easy ---- The good news is you're in the right place!

You don't have to face your challenges alone...  


As a Business Coach ---

I've started, built and sold 4 companies in 3 countries.  I've also coached over 500 business owners   1-on-1 in the last 15 years.  

As a Life Coach ---

I have my degree in psychology from UCLA.  I'm trained in Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) and I'm the author of "Feed the Dog, How to Destroy Stress & Create Joy in Your Life."

In those 15 years I've worked with a huge range of clients so I'm certain I can help YOU.


I've worked with:

  • Small business owners,   

  • C-Level executives

  • Tech startups, 

  • Salespeople looking to improve income,  

  • People who run service based businesses, 

  • Entrepreneurs with ideas they want to turn into a business,

  • Artists and Creatives.

I've also worked with:

  • Soldiers,

  • Stay at home moms,

  • College students,

  • People at middle age looking for a new direction / life re-set and more.

If you fit any of the categories above let's talk!

As your coach I will focus all of my Business Coaching and Life Coaching experience on helping you get the results you want!

Mike is a man with the tenacity, passion, and "know how" to bring out the best in his clients, help them break through personal and professional obstacles and make things happen!


Since his time spent with the Anthony Robbins Companies to his success with his own personal coaching business Mike has always produced top notch results for his clients.   He is a winner!!!


--Jason Rundlett, Oracle

My type of coaching isn't right for everybody.

 Ask yourself, is this you?

I'm not the coach for everybody.  I work with people who are looking to play the game of business and life hard.  

The clients I work best with are people who:

  • Have a vision for their business/life and are ready to make it real.

  • Are looking to move beyond talk and create real results in their world.

  • Are willing to back up their vision by taking action to make that happen.

  • Are not looking for someone to do it for them they are looking for a coach to partner with them as a guide, mentor and cheerleader.


If this is you then you can try a free coaching session with me to see if my style matches your needs! 

Michael is a knowledgeable and intuitive coach who has helped guide me towards finding a happier, more fulfilling career and life.


His advice for creating and building my business has been amazing and I have been thrilled to find that he is equally talented in helping me deal with personal and emotional issues.  


He is supportive, flexible, understanding and has helped me to have a better quality of life.   I've learned so much from his approach.


--- Bevin Butler

My Power Question Coaching Process

  1. We look at where you are.

  2. We decide where you really want to be.

  3. We figure out what needs to happen to get you there.

  4. We design a plan with a timeline broken down to 6 month, 3 month, 1 month actions.

  5. We execute the plan together making adjustments and celebrating your wins as you go.

  6. Repeat system for both business AND personal issues so BOTH your life and business are at their very best!

So how can I try a FREE coaching session with Mike?

Coaching can be a powerful process BUT it's important that the coach and client are the right match!  


A free coaching session gives us both a chance to see how we fit and what an ongoing relationship between the two of us would be like.


How does it work?

1)  First we'll get on the phone for 15 minutes to chat about where you are, where you'd like to be and what you are looking for in a coach.  


2) If the type of coaching you're looking for is what I do then we will set up a FREE one hour coaching session so that you can try me out as a coach!  


3) We will dive in and work on whatever issues you feel are blocking you at the moment and create some strategies to help you break through.  


4) Based on that we can decide if you and I are a fit and if we'd like to work together on an ongoing basis to help you eliminate challenges and create long lasting success.



Don't struggle a minute longer than you need to!


Let a professional coach with over 15 years experience help you break through!  


Click the link below to schedule your free session!