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Michael is a knowledgeable and intuitive coach who has helped guide me towards finding a happier, more fulfilling career and life.


He's supportive, flexible, understanding and has helped me to have a better quality of life.  I've learned so much from his approach.

--- Bevin Butler

We all get stuck at times...


We all get stuck at times.  Sometimes we feel blocked and can't see a way out or a path to change. For over a decade I have been helping people to make deep and lasting changes in their personal life and I would be honored to help you.  


Together we can work to create a life where you feel fulfilled both personally and professionally,  a life where you are experiencing optimal health, deep, loving, relationships and abundant finances,  a life where you have let go of any pain from the past and are looking forward to the future.​


And it's not is a proven process that gets results...


Read on to see if coaching is the solution for you or call to schedule a FREE session!   U.S/Canada call 800-890-9245, Australia call 02-8880-0368.  You can also click here to fill out our contact form.  

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Creating the life you want and deserve is a combination of the right mindset and the right tools.  


Taken together and practiced until they become habits this combination can lead you to a life most people never imagine....


A life where you are more productive at work than ever before while being relaxed, healthy and happy in your personal life!


Using a proven system that I have created and taught in my seminar, "Feed the Dog: How to Destroy Stress and Create Joy in Your Life"  we can work together to bring YOU to that place!


Being out of balance costs you money -- either because you are running your business badly or your long term work performance suffers. --(No one makes good decisions or does good work when they're stressed, burnt out or exhausted.)


Being out of balance leads to health problems which eat up all the time you  thought you'd gained by burning the candle at both ends. --- (I had a client who refused to slow down then got bronchitis and couldn't work for 6 weeks. She lost all the time she thought she'd gained)


Being out of balance means cheating yourself and those you love of time together.  This can damage marriages or cause a parent to miss important moments with his/her children.  Time you never get back.

Why is balance essential to both a happy life

and a productive and successful career?

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How it works:


"Long story short during my time coaching with Mike I lost 30 pounds, quit smoking, rekindled the romance in my marriage that had waned because I'd been too busy and tired,  found quality time with my children to create lasting memories, became a far better boss because I was not tired and irritable all the time and as a bonus (and as a direct result of our work together) my company's sales during that time went from 400k per month to 1.1 million!"

---Richard Kindsman, Exec VP, Bintore, Melbourne


Life coaching can be a coaching program all on it's own or we can integrate it and make it a part of your business coaching.


We will start by identifying all your obvious and hidden stressors and come up with solutions and new ways of dealing with them that will empower you instead of draining you.


After that we will create a daily routine for letting go of stress, relaxing and creating happiness.  We will make it a part of what you do until it becomes a habit.


In addition you will learn, and start using, productivity tools for shortcutting or eliminating your most time consuming tasks.


Finally we will focus on the areas of your life you feel are suffering (health, relationships etc.) set goals in those areas and create a plan for getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.


You only get one life.  Make sure you don't let it pass you by.  Let me help you get back in balance and get the most out of it.  And don't worry about your work it will not suffer, in fact quite the opposite...not only will it get done it will get done better than ever before.



"Mike has helped me manage my people, negotiate more effectively,  get my finances in order and so much more.  


Not only has Mike been a great asset to my business, he has also helped me get more organized, balanced and healthy in my personal life.


I cannot recommend Mike highly enough.  His expertise and professionalism are impressive.  I am so happy I found him."


​--Mary Beth Rampola, CEO Viro Design​​

Looking forward to working with you! You should receive a call within 48 hours.

Schedule a FREE session  with Mike!

You may also schedule your free session by calling:

U.S./Canada: 800-890-9245

Australia:  02-8880-0368

Dubai/UAE: 00-1-949-278-3436

Feeling Overwhelmed?


You have more free time than you think you do....

Overwhelmed executives and business owners make bad decisions and that hurts their business.  It is extremely important to have balance in your life.  The challenge is many people find themselves with so much on their plate they don't see any way to create balance and so they suffer both personally and professionally.


I take my clients through a process I call "Automate, Eliminate and Delegate."  We make a list of every activity that they do in a given day, week and month and then we begin to categorize by asking questions:  What can be automated through the use of software or some kind of system that allows it to get done automatically in the background?  What can be eliminated?  Perhaps there are some practices that are being done out of habit or tradition that are no longer necessary.  And what can be delegated to someone else so that it is off your plate?


Often I am able to create as much as 10 hours of free time for a client per week.  Think about that, that is 40 hours a month --- an entire work week per month!  That adds up to 12 weeks or, to say it another way, 3 months of free time per year!  What could you do if we freed up that much time for you?

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