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Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in your business?

Do you feel you've hit a plateau and can't break through?

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Why do we work on both business and life at the same time?

Then I tell them about a Financial services rep I coached --- we worked on his sales pitches, his lead generation, networking and his closing skills among many other things.  

But even with all that he hit a plateau because he was not sleeping enough (he'd heard from a personal development guru that successful people get up at 4am).  


I got him sleeping 7.5 hours a night and even though he was spending less time at work he was MORE focused and productive because a rested, energetic, focused version of him showing up every day to execute those new skills!  


His results nearly tripled and based on that he had recruiters offering him positions at JP Morgan and AIG!  

Same result with another business owner who had negative self-talk.  We worked on many aspects of her business and things were going very well (went from 50k in sales to 300k in a year).


But I had noticed a constant habit of self-criticism and negative self talk that was holding her back.  We did some work around that at the same time we worked on her company and in the next 6 months we made ANOTHER giant leap from 300k in sales to 700k!  


A huge part of that was the fact that a better, happier, more inspired version of her was showing up to work.   A more self-supportive and decisive version of her.

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