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"The thing I like best about working with Mike is that he is not simply a business coach but he has also been a busines owner with multiple successes under his belt.  


That let's me know I am getting advice from someone who has been there and done it!" 

--- John Cole, President of Adsend, London



There are many coaching companies out there that will tell you that everyone can use coaching and it's the solution to every problem. The fact is that's just not true.


Whether you're just starting a business or a running a mature company, whether you're a small venture or a nationwide corporation, business coaching and executive coaching can be powerful tools but that doesn't mean they are the right solution for everyone.


I pride myself on reccommending the right solutions for potential clients based on their needs, not trying to convince them they need something they don't, read on to see if coaching is the right choice for you.


Read on to see if business coaching could be the solution for you or call to schedule your FREE session!  U.S/Canada call 800-890-9245, Australia call 02-8880-0368

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If you are considering business coaching or executive coaching answer these questions:



  • Are you an an entreprenuer who wants help starting or running a business?


  • An executive who wants help with strategy, sales, marketing and leadership?


  • A salesperson who wants to double your sales without working twice as hard?


  • Would you like to systemize your company so it can run more smoothly?


  • Do you need an objective eye to analyze challenges and implement solutions?


  • Do you want to create more balance in your personal and professional lives?


  • Do you want to take things to a new level and need someone who's already

       been where you want to go to guide you?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of the above you may be right for coaching

Schedule a FREE session with Mike!


And finally:  'Ok I think I need a coach but how is Mike qualified?'


"As my business coach and executive mentor Mike has helped me manage my people, negotiate more effectively,  get my finances in order and so much more.  I cannot recommend Mike highly enough.  


Not only has Mike been a great asset to my business, he has also helped me get more organized, balanced and healthy in my personal life.  His expertise and professionalism are impressive.  I am so happy I found him."      ​----Mary Beth Rampola, CEO Viro Design​​


Whether you are a large, nationwide company, a brand new startup or a one person shop Mike is here to help you grow and thrive. Mike Mataraza is not simply a business coach and an executive mentor, he has personally built and sold 4 companies in 3 countries (His first in Tokyo, his second in Bangkok and his third and fourth in the U.S.).


As an Executive Coach Mike has been a part of board, sales, marketing and manager's meetings. His experience has given him intimate knowledge of all phases of a company's life cycle from the idea and planning phase to raising capital and building a team,​ creating a solid company, designing and implementing a marketing strategy and finally getting the company ready to sell.


In addition to creating businesses Mike has over a decade of experience in selling and in leading sales teams for both Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy.  Along the way he has authored many books such as :  Feed the Dog:  How to Destroy Stress and Create Joy in Your Life, 

7 Secrets to Selling Like a Champion, Don't Just Dream About It DO It, and No Pressure Persuasion.


As your business coach Mike will take all of that knowledge and experience and focus it on YOU and YOUR goals. His job is to help you get where you're going faster, cheaper, easier and with far fewer mistakes.




U.S./Canada: 800-890-9245


Australia:  02-8880-0368






I tell my clients that it is always possible to get from where you are to where you want to is simply

a matter of creating clear goals, a detailed plan for make them happen and finally setting a real timeline. 


The timeline is particularly important.  when I am mentoring executives or working as a business coach with entrepreneurs I find that many of my clients get into "achiever mode" and set timelines for themselves that are unreasonable.  Then, when they are not able to accomplish what they want to in the time they have given themselves, they become very self critical.  The key to a timeline is that it needs to be short enough to create a sense of urgency but long enough to take into account the  fact that we are all human and we do need time to eat and sleep!


Do you know exactly what you want to achieve and have a clear, detailed plan for how you're going to achieve it?  If not work with me and in a short time I guarantee that you'll be clear, on track and gaining momentum!

Feeling Overwhelmed?


You have more free time than you think you do....

Overwhelmed executives and business owners make bad decisions and that hurts their business.  One of the first things I tell my executive coaching clients is that it is extremely important to have balance in your life.  The challenge is many people find themselves with so much on their plate they don't see any way to create balance and so they suffer both personally and professionally.


I take my clients through a key business coaching process I call "Automate, Eliminate and Delegate."  We make a list of every activity that they do in a given day, week and month and then we begin to categorize by asking questions: What can be automated through the use of software or some kind of system that allows it to get done automatically in the background?  What can be eliminated?  Perhaps there are some practices that are being done out of habit or tradition that are no longer necessary.  And what can be delegated to someone else so that it is off your plate?


Often I am able to create as much as 10 hours of free time for a client per week.  Think about that, that is 40 hours a month --- an entire work week per month!  That adds up to 12 weeks or, to say it another way, 3 months of free time per year!  What could you do if we freed up that much time for you?

Sell More Work Less...


What if you could get twice the result out of the same amount of effort?

There are three keys to selling more and working less:  The first is to be extremely CLIENT CENTRIC in your selling.  In all my years of being a business coach I can't tell you how many companies I've dealt with that are asking the wrong question.  They are asking "How can I convince this client to do business with me?" when they should be asking "How can I get this client to fall in love with me and my company?"  


All through your dealings with your client make the effort to listen, really get to know them and show them again and again that you care about making sure THEIR needs are met.  When you do this you will find clients say yes faster, stay loyal longer and give you immense amounts of referrals.  Repeat clients and referrals mean that you need to put less work into new client aquisition.  That saves you 3 very valuable things...time money and energy.  I am sure that one of the reasons so many people who call me for executive coaching decide to work with me is that they can tell I am truly listening and that as an executive coach I am focused on helping them get what they want not just trying to sign on a new client.  when you show people you care they can't wait to work with you.

The second key is to CREATE SYSTEMS.  Whether you are starting a business or running an already established one you need systems for tracking your clients, following up with them and staying top of mind.   Often when starting a business clients say "I don't have the money for software, systems etc. As a business coach what I help them realize is that there are many inexpensive (sometimes even free) easy to implement tools that can help them in many areas. Make sure you look for and use these tools. Creating systems increases productivity and reduces stress.


The third key is to take every opportunity to deepen your PERSONAL relationship with a client or key executive.  Remember that even CEOs of multibillion dollar companies are still PEOPLE and like all people they like to be remembered and made to feel cared about. A very basic example is to put all of a key client or executive's important personal dates (their birthday, anniversary, kid's birthdays etc.) into your database and have a card automatically mailed to them at the proper time.  This may sound incredibly simplistic but I had a client of mine who sells 10 milion dollar computer mainframes to multinational companies implement such a strategy.  He resisted at first saying "These people are heavy hitters, they are all business, this won't work."  I reminded him that since I was his business coach and he was paying me for advice it might be worth actually trying the advice he was paying for.  He laughed and agreed to give it a try.  Well after just a short time he reported that clients who used to be hard to get ahold of were taking his calls right away and he could hear in their voices that they were glad to speak with him!  Create a personal connection whenever and however you can.

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