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There are times when coaching alone is not enough.  Of course getting expert advice is useful but sometimes you need more ... you just need it done for you.


What would it be like if you could hire a professional to take a project or projects off your hands so that you did not have to think about it? 


As a consultant Mike helps you take a deep look at your business and actually steps in to do the work for you!  That frees you up to work on other aspects of your business.


Mike can even take over and supervise projects for you or help you hire the right people and supervise them.


Read on to see if consulting could be the solution for you or call to schedule a FREE consulting session! -   

U.S/Canada call 800-890-9245, Australia call 02-8880-0368, Dubai / UAE --- 00-1-949-278-3436

Is it time for my company to bring on a consultant?




  • If  you are thinking "Can I just get this off my plate an onto someone else's?"


  • If you are looking for someone you can trust to take over projects for you.


  • If you are tired of having to hire and supervise multiple contractors on top of everything else you need to do.


  • And if you just want the work done FOR you.


Then consulting may be right for you!      

Categories of consulting include but are not limited to:


Creating  Business Action Plans so that you and everyone else at your

company knows what needs to be done, when it is expected to be  

completed and exactly who will be responsible for it.


Creating & implementing marketing campaigns (both online and offline)


Marketing Strategy Analysis and Improvement


Training sales staff or other departments


Creating Standard Operating Procedures & Systems so your company

gets more done w/less effort


Running your social media campaigns


Designing websites, landing pages & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


And Much More  (Call for a full list of available services)

Mike's Books

You may also schedule your free session by calling:

U.S./Canada: 800-890-9245

Australia:  02-8880-0368

Dubai/UAE: 00-1-949-278-3436


And finally:  'Ok this sounds like something I would how does consulting work?'


"I was coaching with Mike then realized I needed more so I brought him on as a consultant.  What a relief it was!  

All of the sudden 4 major projects --- getting a website done, designing an online marketing campaign,

 writing new marketing pieces and training my sales staff were all someone else's responsibility.  


I took a vacation the next week and it was my first time off  in many months where I wasn't worried about what was

happening while I was gone.   I put my trust in Mike and he delivered!" ---  Janet Lawson, founder Jonestown Insurance


The first step is to take a look at where your company is now, where it wants to go and what needs to happen to get it there.        

Once that's clear the next question is "Who will do what?" 


It is likely you already have the available time, expertise and/or support staff in certain areas to do some things on your own.  


There may be other areas, however, that you want to give away to someone else either because they are not in your wheelhouse or because you have the ability to do those things but doing them yourself would not be the highest and best use of your time.


Once we have identified the areas you or your company wants to give away we will design a consulting plan specifically tailored to

your needs.  At that point Mike will take over and do the work for you or help you hire the right people to do the work and he will supervise the project and give you weekly progress reports.  Either way YOUR time is freed up so you can focus on other aspects of your business!



Experience the difference working with     a consultant can make for you!


Fill out the form to schedule  

your FREE consulting session.

Looking forward to working with you! You should receive a call within 48 hours.

Or call to schedule your free session

U.S./Canada: 800-890-9245

Australia:  02-8880-0368

Dubai/UAE:  00-1-949-278-3436

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