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About Mike

"The thing I like best about working with Mike is that he is not simply a business coach but he has also been a busines owner, multiple times with multiple successes under his belt.  That let's me know I am getting advice from someone who has been there and done it!"  John Cole, President, Adsend, London


I never intended to be an entreprenuer...much less a sales and marketing expert, a business coach and an executive mentor.


After graduating from college I was living happily in the South Pacific teaching scuba diving. But then fate intervened.  I became good friends with one of my clients, an extremely wealthy and successful Japanese businessman from Tokyo.  He told me that although I may not realize it I had a great mind for business.  He also told me  that he had an idea for a new company and he needed someone to move to Tokyo and help him run it.  


Thus began an amazing adventure that has lasted to this day.  With Tsuneo as my business mentor he and I built our first company together (a small business starup) and went on to start a larger business which I sold at the age of 24.   I then moved to Bangkok and opened my own company which I sold a year and a half later. Upon returning to the United States and starting a business there I ended up being asked for advice by other businesspeople I met who had heard of my successes.  


Through one of my contacts who was starting a business herself and was caling me for advice almost daily I was introduced to my second business mentor, Mr. Anthony Robbins.  He recruited me and for over 5 years I travelled throughout the United States and Canada working as a Business Coach and Executive Mentor for the Anthony Robbins organization. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to work with a range of clients.  Some were entrepreneurs who were starting a business;  others were CEOs of large companies who wanted a business coach to help them run parts of their business and an executive mentor with whom they could brainstorm new ideas.


Now, having spent the last 15 years as a business coach and executive mentor (5 for Tony Robbins and 10 under my own banner) I have been able to work in a wide variety of industries.  Companies i have coached range from firms in the resort and hospitality industry, to real estate and insurance brokers to medical supply companies to Silicon Valley technology firms.  


I've had the pleasure of acting as an Executive Coach to people at all levels from individual salespeople like real estate or insurance agents to sole proprietors starting their first small business to CEOs of large firms with nationwide teams.   


I've also functioned as a full business consultant for many of those companies.  The difference between a business or executive coach and a business consultant is simply this:  As a business coach I guide my clients by giving them advice and helping them set goals, delagate tasks, overcome challenges etc.  As a business consultant I actually step in and do the work FOR the client.  I may for example design their website, run their social media, create marketing campaigns for them or supervise one or two projects (sometimes even hiring new employees and training them for that client).   Business consulting allows a client to turn a part of their business over to me so they are free to focus on other areas.


I have written business and sales books such as:  Feed the Dog:  How to Destroy Stress and Create Joy in Your LifeDon't Just Dream About It DO It, 7 Secrets to Seling Like a Champion and No Pressure Persuasion and given over 2500 presentations on business, life balance and sales/marketing strategy.


If you and I enter into a business coaching relationship or a business consulting relationship my promise is   to take all my knowledge, skills and experience and focus it on YOU and YOUR concerns.   I will show you the tools and techniques that will help you shine, stand out from your competition and grow!


Feel free to look at the services I provide, testimonials from past business coaching clients and then contact me to schedule your FREE trial session.  


With best wishes for your success and happiness,

Mike Mataraza

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